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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Movie Plot

SUSAH JAGA KEPERAWANAN DI JAKARTA is the new Indonesian movie who tells about in a small village called Kandang Jago, Srinthil (Masayu Anastasia), had a dream to live happy and live in a metropolitan city. The girls just laughed the other villages heard Srinthil dream. Only Kunil (Sarah Rizkya) and Centini (Aulia Sarah) Srinthil friend who can be patient listener. The three of them had been friends since childhood.

Rejecting an arranged marriage, three girls of this village fled to the city with a vegetable carrier hitchhike. Three friends came to the metropolis. They were panicked, because they have no relatives in the city, and the most important are: running out of money

Fate brings these three friends with Berta (Indra Birowo), imitation woman who is a pimp. Offered a job as a prostitute, all three refused. However, stomach problems and housing can not wait. Eventually the three friends were received with one requirement: their origin remained a virgin,

Movie Info

Director...... : Joko Nugroho
Release....... : December 2010 Indonesia
Genre........ : Comedy
Cast........... : Masayu Anastasia, Aulia Sarah, Sarah Rizkya, Rifki Balwel, Indra Birowo, Tessy Srimulat

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