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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Movie Plot
CIN…TETANGGA GUE, KUNTILANAK! is the new indonesan movie who tells about: Safina, was heavily pregnant by her husband suffered mental stress because of an affair with a secretary Anton, Yuli. Yuli managed to put a needle which is useful in order to stomach Safina, who is pregnant to death. Anton made he did not react on Safina's death, but her baby can be saved.

Yuli conspired with his shaman held a ritual pat on the head dead set gold nail Safina so his spirit did not rise so kuntilanak for revenge. Finally Yuli can control for Antony and the baby can deplete his fortune

Afgan, Nadin and Nono hobby of collecting horror stories for independent film material. Managed to get the story of the maid who happened to neighboring Safina Afgan, the spirit of Safina successfully brought back to his home in the form of beautiful women, make Nadin jealous because Afgan and Nono often spent time investigating the empty house Safina, illusion-illusion intimate seduction of the spirit of Safina tease them. Nadin with curious to confront Safina, but he actually met with Safina in the form kuntilanak

Once they know kuntilanak Safina former employer's aunt. Nadin who felt pity for his fate Safina betrayed by Yuli and her husband. So Afgan, Nadin, Nono and determined to help her aunt so Safina to take revenge and be united with her baby

Did they?

Movie Info

Director.... : Yan Senjaya
Writer........ : Yan Senjaya
Genres....... : Horror, comedy
Release...... : Desember, 9 2010 Indonesia
Cast............ : Cyntiara Alona, Dafino Kandau, Ar Rozzy Mahally, Mayang, Melinda, Chairil Jm, Trisno”tutul”, De’ratu, Deden Dower, Topan Dicky

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