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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Movie Plot
KABAYAN, JADI MILYUNER is the new indonesia movie who tells about the tranquility of a village in West Java, where stands a simple boarding As-Salam-led by Ustadz Soleh (Slamet Rahardjo), suddenly disturbed by the presence of a real estate entrepreneur BOSS ROCKY (Christian Sugiono) who wants to buy the school's land to be used as resorts. But it was the intention of Boss Rocky could not carry out with ease because he is not unexpected, he met tough opponents he has ever encountered. Opponents are not immune to bribes and persuasion of the most powerful. That man is subordinate to Ustad Soleh, a plain young man but clever named .. Kabayan (Jamie Aditya).

Movie Info

Director...... : Guntur Soeharjanto
Release....... : 2010
Genre......... : Comedy, Drama
Cast.......... : Jamie Aditya, Rianti Cartwright, Amink, Christian Sugiono, Slamet Rahardjo,Didi Petet, Meriam Bellina, Melly Goeslow

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